How Often to Use Inversion Tables: Inversion Therapy for Beginners

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Inversion therapy is a great way to relax your muscles and joints and decompress your spine and neck. Investing in an inversion table can help save you a lot of money in the long run, from visiting massage therapists and chiropractors to help you relax your muscles regularly.

Before using an inversion table, you must consult your doctor, as unfortunately, inversion therapy isn’t suitable for everyone.

Read on to find out more about how to use an inversion table including tips to get you going, as well as how often and how long to use it for, for best results. 

Brief Buyer’s Guide

Brief Buyer’s Guide

Some of the questions you should ask yourself before investing in an inversion table:

  • Does it fold away for easy storage? A foldable table is handy if you don't have space for it to be out all the time.
  • Does it accommodate your height and weight? Wide frames are also available for larger users.
  • How comfortable is the backrest? Some beds are contoured; some are padded with memory foam.
  • How comfortable are the ankle supports? Make sure that they feel comfortable and that you can reach the handle to lock yourself into position easily.
  • Do you need this table for back pain? If so, look out for tables that offer additional lumbar support.
  • How sturdy is the inversion table? You want a smooth, steady inversion table without rocking from side to side.

Start Slowly

The most important piece of advice to apply to your inversion therapy is to always listen to your body. Don’t try anything that you’re not completely comfortable with, and never put yourself in a painful position by stretching too much. 

How Long to Use Inversion Table

When using an inversion table for the first time, you should set the table to one of the lowest inversion angles available to you. This will help you get used to the feeling of being inverted. Invert yourself slowly and once in position, relax into it, concentrating on where you can feel your body stretching and relaxing.

Don’t try to hold the position for too long. Anywhere between one to three minutes is enough for beginners. Bring yourself back up to the upright position and relax for one minute, feeling the difference in your body between being inverted and upright.

If you felt completely comfortable with the inversion, then you can increase the inversion angle to a greater degree and invert again for a short period.

Over time, you can gradually build yourself up to greater angles, for longer lengths of time. Remember you only need to invert long enough to feel complete relaxation in your body. It’s not a competition of who can stay upside down the longest! 

Use Inversion Tables

How Often to Use Inversion Tables

More important than how long you use your inversion table for is how often you use it. Regular use will always be more beneficial than the duration of use. It is recommended that you use your inversion table two or three times a day.

In the Morning

Many people enjoy a few minutes of inversion therapy in the morning as a good stretch out after lying still for the previous six to eight hours. It can really help to get your blood circulating properly and wake you up, as well as get your body ready for the day ahead.

There are also many exercises that you can do on your inversion table as part of a morning exercise routine. Some exercises are for stretching, and some are for strengthening.

If you find stomach crunches too easy on an exercise mat, then your inversion table will prove to be an excellent piece of equipment in increasing the difficulty level of the crunch. You can increase your inversion level as your muscles build over time.

In the Evening

If you prefer to exercise in the evenings, then you could use your table straight after work for a workout. A further few minutes later in the evening can also help to relax your body. Whether you spent your day sitting on a chair, working in an office, or if you’ve been working your body hard manually, a short time spent on your inversion table will help to decompress your spine and neck from the day's stresses and strains.

Some people find that it helps to listen to soothing music so that you can really relax into the stretch, feeling the tensions in your muscles and joints melt away. 

Inversion Table Tactics

The simplest answer to the question “How often to use inversion table?” is as much as you feel comfortable. Regular use of your table will always be better than using your table for longer periods of time. The best benefits will come from using your table two to three times a day.

Start slowly and build yourself up to using greater inversion angles for slightly longer periods, gradually. Never use against your doctor's advice and always remember to avoid over-exerting yourself by listening to your body.

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